Computers in Engineering - Course Outline

Computers in Engineering 308-208

Course Outline

308-208A, Computers in Engineering
(3 credits, 3 hours)
(Prerequisite: differential and integral calculus)
(Co-requisite: linear algebra: determinants, vectors, matrix operations)

Course GOALS

This introductory course is intended to :-
  1. Introduce students to the basic concepts and foundations of modern computing
  2. Gain an understanding of the basic data types used in computing
  3. Gain an understanding of the design of the algorithms, and the process of implementing these in the two computer languages, most used in engineering and scientific applications
  4. Understand and practise the software development process by completing seven assignments in FORTRAN 90 and C
  5. Study and evaluate many different algorithms for both numeric and non-numeric applications.

By completing this course students will be able to claim :-
  1. Knowledge of computer terminology and fundamental concepts
  2. Knowledge of the algorithmic process, problem solving and computer software design principles
  3. Knowledge and use of a subset of FORTRAN 90 and C
  4. Knowledge to develop programs using the basic structures of FORTRAN 90 and C
  5. Knowledge to use the ELF90 and Turbo C programming environments on personal computers. These environments support all the tools necessary for the rapid development of programs
  6. Knowledge and use of E-mail and the WEB
  7. Knowledge of the analysis of algorithms for classic applications such as sorting, searching, numerical integration, root finding, solution of linear equation, and ordinary differential equations
  8. The course does not teach useful computer skills, such as use of a word processor (eg MS Word) nor use of a spreadsheet (eg MS Excel). Students are expected to gain these skills through other avenues, such as self-study using the numerous textbooks of these topics



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