Computers in Engineering 308-208

Course Outline

308-208A, Computers in Engineering
(3 credits, 3 hours)
(Prerequisite: differential and integral calculus)
(Co-requisite: linear algebra: determinants, vectors, matrix operations)

Course GOALS


This introductory course is intended to :-

By completing this course students will be able to claim :-



Labs/teaching assistance/demos Labs and assignment


Teaching Assistance

TAs will be in Frank-Dawson-Adams (FDA) 1 during their office hours
          Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday  Thursday   Friday
9 - 9:30                OG        OG        OG
9:30 - 10    Kim        OG        OG        OG            GR
10 - 11      Kim        GR        Kim        Kim          GR


FORTRAN 90, C and Algorithms, Ratzer, McGill Bookstore ~$60 or call Kendall Hunt Publishing Company at 1-800-228-0810 (customer service)


      • Log onto the Web
      • Point your browser to
You will get to the CS208 WEB Site !
      • Add to BOOKMARKS.
      • Follow link to assignments
The six assignments are worth a total of 25% of the course grade. You should check that you have been given credit for each completed assignments. Late assignments will lose marks at the rate of 3% per day late.

Other Information Sources

    • See the TA's.
    • See the EMF consultations.
    • E-mail the TA's or the Professor.
    • See the Professor during office hours.

Midterm Evaluation

Thursday, 14th October 1999 during class 2:30 - 4:00 is the date for the Mid Term Exam. THIS EXAMINATION IS WORTH 20% OF COURSE GRADE.

It will only test the FORTRAN segment of the course. The exam covers Chapters 1 to 8 of the FORTRAN 90, C, and Algorithms text. Good preparation for this exam would be to do the first eight chapters of the computerized course quiz. The later chapters contain material very similar to the mid term test. To execute test obtain the PC version of CAN and run on the HP Vectra. This is in directory CANPC. Type TESTME and follow instructions. For the FORTRAN quizzes, set CAPS LOCK on.

Final Examination

Final examination is worth 50% of course grade. This will test all aspects of the course. It will consist of 15 multiple choice questions and 2-3 programs to be written one in FORTRAN and one in "C".

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