Assignment #7 - 93A

Assignment #7 - 93A

                   Assignment 7

                   Due : 4th April 93            Weight :35

  "Frame-buffer" is the most commonly used technique to store an image
in computer graphics. This method use an array which have the same
dimension as the screen to store all the elements(pixels) to be display
on the screen.
   Your assignment is to draw a SINE and COSINE curve, using the "frame-
buffer" method. The following outputs are to be draw on separate sheet :
  1-  Graph #1:   A Sine curve
  2-  Graph #2:   A Cosine curve
  3-  Graph #3:   The Cosine and Sine curve are to be drawn on the same
  4-  Graph #4:   A rotation of 90 degree counterclockwise on the y-axis
                   of graph #3
  5-  Graph #5:   The mirror along the x-axis of graph#3

NOTE :  The following procedures(functions) are required:

      ++ A procedure to initialize the two dimensional array.
      ++ A procedure to draw the X and Y axis.
      ++ A procedure the plot the COSINE or SINE curve.
      ++ A procedure to draw the plotting curve.
      ++ A procedure to ROTATE or MIRROR the graph.