Assignment #4 - 93A

Assignment #4 - 93A


   The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the
  concepts of arrays, subroutines, and functions.
  You have to develop three subroutines and one function. In
  the main program, you have to do the following things.

  1) Read K,M,N the dimensions of an array A(K,M), and
     array B(M,N).

  2) Read the matrices A and B (Define the size of arrays = 25).

  3) Print with appropriate labels, the two matrices [A and B], and
     then print the value and position of the maximum member
     of each. (use SUBROUTINE for maximum member calculation).

  4) Calculate and print  matrix C as the product of the
     matrices A and B.(use SUBROUTINE for product calculation).

  5) Test the matrix C for symmetry, and print the appropriate
     message.( Use FUNCTION for the symmetry calculation).

  6) Sort each column of matrix C in Descending order and print
     the matrix after having done so.
     (use SUBROUTINE for sort calculation).

     Test your program with the following DATA :

     1. 3,2,3     that is k=3, m=2, n=3
     2. Matrix  A             Matrix  B
        =========             =========

        1   0                 1  2  4
        2   3                 0  0  0
        4   3

     If you e-mail me your program with out output : -5 marks
     If you e-mail me you program or your output more than once : -2 marks

     Good Luck

        Nikos Soumas