Assignment #2 - 90B

Assignment #2 - 90B

Assignment 2
============                                          Weight 20
                                                Due  28 September
                                                E-Mail to:  HCAB
                                                T.A. Anil

KFC in Engineering and Physics are 3 temperature scales
Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Centrigrade (also called Celsius)

Write a FORTRAN  program that will convert a set of values
read in in Centrigrade into the other two scales.

Your program should have a title to identify what the
program does, followed by a blank line and then a heading
above each column of displayed output stating the units.

To get full marks in this assignment  (20 out of 20)
you have to:-

1. Run your program on FORTRAN 90 in the EMF on a 486/586
2. Capture the source code listing, and the program output
   which will include the input data.  This can be done with the
   DOS redirection symbol >    as in
   c:>assign2   <  > assign2.out
   where assign2 is an executable version of your FORTRAN 90 program  is your input data
         assign2.out is the output which you are going to submit.

3. Send your assign2.out file to MUSIC B by starting a mainframe
   connection from the main EMF menu.  This program is NET3270
4. Once signed onto to your own MUSIC B account
   use an ALT-S  to send your assign2.out file to MUSIC B.
5. Then using the MUSIC B E-Mail from your HC-- account,
   MAIL the assign2.out file to HCAB  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Help and Assistance.
1. Your program should look something like P22.F90
2. It will have a READ statement to input the data
3. It will have a DO ...  and an END DO for repeated execution

For the over-achievers in the class there are BONUS marks  (25/20 ?)
1. Find a more elegant way of stopping the program, then just
   running out of data and getting an error message.
2. Count the number of data values read and print this at the end.
3. Make your program more general by reading in a temperature
   value followed by a code K or F or C, and then convert
   the input temperature to the other 2 scales.
   On your output identify which was input scale (K/F/C).