Assignment #2 - 90A

Assignment #2 - 90A

Assignment 2
============                          !!! Extended Due Date !!! : 29 Jan 90
                                                          Weight: 25
Write a program in FORTRAN 77 to read any number of lines
with the following format.

Column              Contents                   Example
1-7                 Experiment Number          27
9-15                Number of Samples          10
20-29               Average Result             27.335  (3 dec places)
40-72               Comments                   Bad day for sampling

Last line has 9999999 in columns 1 to 7

1) Print each line as read and
   do not forget to print column headings and produce a neat output.
2) Total the number of samples
3) Total the average result times the number of samples

After all the data has been read:

1) Print the total number of samples
2) Print the largest average result
3) Print the least average result
4) Print the weighted average ( SUM( Ni * Ri ) / SUM(Ni) )
         where Ni is the number of samples in one experiment
           and Ri is the average result in the same experiment.

<<< * * *  Assignment Update * * * >>>

Note: The data for this assignment is on the MUSIC system
in the save library of INF8 under the name AS912.DAT
it is in the correct FORMAT as specified above.
You can access this data file (which is public) by using
the following control lines at the end of you input file:

C===== End of FORTRAN Program