Assignment #4 - 88B

Assignment #4 - 88B

                       Assignment # 4
                                                 T.A. Jean Marc MONTI
                                                 Due: 23 Oct
                                                 Weight: 35

Write a program to perform matrix multiplication.

Your program should read from a data file the values of the two
matrices, multiply them, and print the result in an elegant
There could be (and there will be) more than one matrix multiplication
to perform so I expect your program to loop until the end of file
is reached.

The matrices are N*N and they will be stored in the data file as
follows :
           A  A  A      B  B  B
           A  A  A      B  B  B
           A  A  A      B  B  B

Your program should be able to handle matrices of different size
and should use a subroutine.

Remember to comment your programs and to indent them properly as this
will influence the grading. When you finish your program, you have to
hand it in using the data file INF8:CS208.DATA4 (Failing to this could
have a bad influence on the corrector (me) and automatically on the