Assignment #3 - 88B

Assignment #3 - 88B

                             ASSIGNMENT #3
                                                     T. A. : Gerard Fays
                                                     due: 15 oct
                                                     weight: 30

Mr. X is owner of a group of restaurants "Can't Take It Fried Chicken".
He discovered a petroleum derivative, called CTIFC, that becomes a
substitute for fried chicken whenever its temperature is raised by
exactly 100 o c when damped in hot oil. (Chemical products must have a
strange behaviour, must they not ?). Furthermore, Mr. X wants his oil
to last as long as possible. He discovered that the quantity of oil lost
is proportional to the quantity of heat absorbed by CTICF: then he wants
this quantity to be minimized.

We assume that:

  - The oil temperature TH is constant.

  - The quantity of heat absorbed by CTICF follows the law
          dQ = m C(T) dT
              where C(T) = 0.01 T*T - 1.43 T + 130/T + 5020
                              T between 0 o c  and 150 o c.

  - We use a 1 kg mass of CTIFC.

Write a function computing the integral Q of dQ between TH-100 and TH.
   Use the sum:      __ i=100
                     >       0.5 C(TH - 100 + i)
  (0.5 increment)    -- i=0.5

Write a procedure that will fill an array containing TH (available
in data section) and corresponding Q(TH).Print out is asked.

The main line must extract the minimum value of Q and output the ideal
temperature (in english).