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Born in England, educated in Scotland at Kelvinside Academy and Glasgow University. First degree in Honours Physics. Started graduate studies at the Maths Lab at Cambridge University, England. This included programming EDSAC 2 in machine language, using paper tape!

Awarded an IBM Fellowship and came to McGill University in Montreal, as the first graduate student in Computer Science, in 1964. Founding member of the School of Computer Science at McGill in 1970.

Current Activities

Research interests include modelling and simulation as used in real time applications, such as air traffic control simulators. Software derived from this research is running in 34 countries.  Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) for several different fields ranging from high school to university level courses, both in Canada and overseas. This work is reflected in the course material that has created on the web at the links above and below.  Other research work involves  assistance to a team of McGill colleagues working on the processing by computer of scripted based calligraphic languages.

Recent publication: Public Policy on Carbon Dioxide and Pollution with respect to Climate Change.

Consulting assignments include assistance with Software Engineering, Process Engineering and Corporate Planning for companies in the computer and telecommunications fields.  One current assignment has included helping a company achieve ISO9001:2000 certification. Another has involved the design and implementation of collaboration software that includes desktop sharing.

20 Questions on the Science of Climate Change

Many people are confused by the ongoing discussion on Climate Change and would like to be more knowledgeable on the Science behind the topic. This set of questions is designed to help with understanding the complex aspects of the Science of Climate Change. There is a huge amount of information available on the web and elsewhere and trying to tell fact from fiction is difficult. To be able to participate in the climate discussion you need to understand the underlying Science, at least at a high level. Surf to this page for a set of 20 questions and suggested answers.

20 Questions on the Science of Climate Change

The Climate Change Debate - Notes and Links

Recent Awards

Other Interests

Policy Issues currently of concern to Prof. Ratzer and under discussion at McGill are:


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