Statistical Learning Theory

Fall 2020



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Here are some pointers to possible projects. Your project is not expected to include any original new work. I expect a critical review of some work. By "critical" I mean that you should formulate some reaction to what you are reading and not just summarize. The expected size is 10 pages with a variance of 2 pages. This is still being updated with more modern references and some of the broken links have to be fixed.

Below are some suggestions for topics that could be explored in more detail for the final project, and a couple of examples of relevant papers for each topic. All of these would make good literature synthesis topic, though you should be prepared to find additional relevant papers on your own! (Google Scholar is a good place to start.) This list might also inspire ideas for research projects. Of course you are welcome to choose a topic that is not on the list.

Probabilistic bisimulation and metrics:

Active Learning:

The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem:

Domain Adaptation and/or Multi-Source Learning:

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning:

Learning Bounds for Reinforcement Learning:

Online Convex Optimization:


PAC-Bayes Bounds:


Geometrical Ideas

GANs and metrics

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