Week 5/40

Exercises on WIG

  1. Implement (in some standard language) the CGI-script that makes the Python form on slides 6-7 work.
  2. Implement a WIG service that functions as the Python form (use the <bigwig> system).
  3. Discover the meaning of the environment variables on slide 9.
  4. The game of NIM consists of (say) seven piles of matches. Each player must in turn remove any number of matches from a single pile. The winner is the one that removes the last match. Implement a WIG service that allows clients to play against the server. Publish the game on your homepage. Can you make your server play an optimal strategy?
  5. Discuss why the security issues on slide 32 are important. Find examples where violations would be catastrophic. Outline how the sketched solutions would work.
  6. Perform a walkthrough of the code on slides 33-40.