Fix SSD freezing on Windows 10

I recently upgraded my SSD from a 128GB one to a 512GB one. Post-upgrade my system would randomly freeze for 5-60 secoonds. I initially thought that I received a faulty SSD, though a quick Google search revealed that other people are having similar problems [1] [2].

Chris Coulson suggested a solution to fix this problem by turning off LPM (Link Power Management)

Essentially the issue is an incompatibility with the LPM (Link Power Management) feature of Intel SATA controllers. LPM is a power saving feature. Considering the prevalence of Intel SATA controllers, I’m really surprised that Crucial didn’t catch this before they shipped their drives, or at least didn’t have a firmware fix available shortly after shipping.

Chris Coulson gave a solution that involves a registry change. If you have Intel Rapid Storage Technology software installed, there is actually a graphical way to disable LPM.

Steps to disable LPM using graphical interface

  1. Open Intel Rapid Storage Technology from Start menu
  2. Click on Performance
  3. Make Link Power Management change from Enabled to Disabled by clicking the Disable button.