Migrating to Hexo

3 years since the last post, I resurrected this blog and converted previous Pelican + RestructuredText powered blog to Hexo + Markdown. Pelican was left rarely maintained for some years and it really made no sense to stick to it any longer.

The conversion itself is not a painful process, I had to write a Hexo migration plugin to migrate from ReStructuredText to markdown while processing the Pelican related tags. But the problem was with Math related content. I wrote all the Mathjax equations with the help of vim macros, automatically doing the rst escape for ā€˜\ā€™ backslashes, which was necessary in ReStructuredText. The backslash escapes were no longer relevant in markdown, and were actually causing troubles. Because of this, some of the posts failed to convert.

Despite of that, Iā€™m quite happy with the result. :)