Data visualizations

Visualizing Reddit! (IN PROGRESS)

Search for cancer centers in the United States (IN PROGRESS). Using BeautifulSoup, d3, topoJSON (for Oncora Medical). Bubbles are proportional to the number of radiation devices each center has.

A tribute to my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and also an exercise in figuring out how to fuse together a chord diagram and bubble layout. The result shows how many lines each character had per season, among other inferences you can make while interacting with the visual.

A visualization of U.S. incarceration numbers by gender and ethnicity.

A co-occurrence matrix of stock market comentions based on StockTwits data.

An animation of someone's journey through geographic space, using Facebook messaging geolocation

Tools and open-source contributions

A D3.js plugin that offers an alternate way of animating a force layout.

A Dose-Volume Histogram editor (for Oncora Medical). Using D3.js

A way to chat with fb friends without incurring the shame of being seen on fb.

A sequence of chrome extensions that visually overwhelm you with the time you've spent on fb/netflix/etc.

A portable, tablet-based haptic device, presented at the IEEE World Haptics Conference (Chicago 2015). I worked on the demo app that was presented at the conference (not the actual machinery).

Python methods to programmatically download your fb data

Web dev

Haply Robotics landing page

Elvis: music research with computers

AlixPartners Case Simulations

McGill professor website

Let's get you a date (coming soon)


Gender Inference on Twitter

How to scrape your Facebook data

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