COMP 762 Winter 2007 - Project 2: Prototype Development

Important Stuff

This project has a number of different deadlines listed on the main course schedule.


The objective of this project is to give you experience with the process of developing a prototypical solution to a software engineering problem.


  1. Based on the analysis done in project 1, identify a software engineering problem with the evolvability of the concern you analyzed. Problems can be of any nature, including: high coupling between important modules, scattering of concern code, large modules, low understandability, lack of connection with the domain model, etc.
  2. Devise a solution to the problem that can be fully developed in 6 weeks. You solution should probably take the form of a software engineering tool but other avenues, such as design methodologies, can be explored.
  3. Implement your solution.
  4. Validate your solution by applying it to the problem you identified in your target system.


Dates will be posted on the schedule.
  1. Email a 1-paragraph description of your system. I will use this information to help you brainstorm, so please include enough information to allow me to get a concrete idea of what you want to do.
  2. Write a project report in the style of a conference paper. It should include an introduction describing the problem, and sections describing your solution, its validation, future work, related work, and conclusion, and anything else that might be interesting. The report should be in the IEEE format used for project 1 and be 4 pages long.
  3. You will present your project to the class during the last class.
  4. You will show me a live demo of your solution at some point that is convenient for you (after the presentations).


In evaluating your project I will be looking for the following main points:

Going Further (Optional)

If you really get into this project and would like to push it further, you can include in your validation section a comparative study of your solution vs. the tool(s) you have used for project 1.