COMP 599 - Topics in Mobile Application Development

Offered by Martin Robillard in the McGill School of Computer Science in Winter 2020 (4 credits). Mondays and Wednesdays 11:35-12:55 in ENGMC 103.


Mobile devices raise many important questions for technology providers and software developers. User-facing concerns such as usability, privacy protection, compatibility, and performance are crucial for mobile applications. Development concerns such as debugging, testing, profiling, and protection bring up new challenges for developers and call for the development of new software engineering techniques. This research seminar course will address the latest advances in automated techniques to support mobile application development.

Target Audience

The course targets experienced programmers with an interest in software research. A good performance in COMP 303 - Software Design (or equivalent) is a minimum. Serious practical experience (internship or research/open-source development project) is strongly recommended. It is not necessary to know how to develop with a mobile application framework, as you will be expected to pick up some of this knowledge as part of the course.

Learning Outcomes

This course is intended to provide you with knowledge and experience in four different areas:

Course Work and Evaluation

The course work will consist of studying research papers, studying the code of an existing mobile application, and working on a research study to analyze a mobile application.

All students will work collaboratively on a single class project. However, all evaluations will be individual and non-competitive. This means that each student will be evaluated based on their own contribution matched against the course objectives. The final grade will be based on:

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