COMP 303 Fall 2004

Project Milestone 4


To provide an opportunity to gain additional experience and skills with:

Required Problem

Implement the UI module (see the project overview) to complete your poker game application. This module should allow users to play an unlimited number of poker games against computer players. Your GUI should contain at the very least the following elements: In addition, the GUI module should enforce the rules of the game (e.g., it should only reveal the computer player's cards once they would be visible in an actual game).

Bonus Problem

Implement additional features, such as the additional features developed for project parts 3. You can discuss feature ideas with the instructor.

Bonus marks for this part of the project will depend on the overall quality of the project and are at the discretion of the instructor.

In addition, the TAs and instructor will also select a best project, which will be publicly released on the course webpage (with the developers' permission).


  1. A self-executing jar file containing all your code and class files. Please submit through WebCT. See the schedule for the deadline.
  2. A UML class diagram modeling the design of the GUI. The diagram must be in jpeg format.


This part will be marked out of 35 and will be worth 35% of the overall project grade. In marking your project, we will looking for the following points: