COMP 303 Fall 2006

Project Part 1


Required Problem

  1. Import the content of into your new project.
  2. Implements all the interfaces of the scoring and ai packages according to the specifications in the Javadoc. ATTENTION: The rule specifications in the Javadoc have some small differences with the website. The Javadoc specs are the final authority. You must reuse the class names provided in order for us to be able to run your classes with our tests. You can add new classes as you see fit.
  3. Write new (or additional) unit tests for all interface methods. Design your tests to cover as much of the functionality and corner cases as possible. For each test method, put a small comment indicating the main purpose of the test.


Notice the dependency between the AI module and the scoring module in the project overview.

Bonus Problem

Implement two different computer players with clearly distinct (and sophisticated) behavior. Write test cases for both. Include in the Javadoc a description of the overall behavior of the player. Which player would do better? A maximum of 6 extra marks (out of 30) will be awarded for this bonus based on the quality/coolness factor of the extra computer players. The bonus is transferable to other project components if you go over 100%.


  1. A self-executing jar file containing all your code and class files. The execution should launch the test suite. Please submit through WebCT. See the schedule for the deadline.


This part will be marked out of 30 and will be worth 30% of the overall project grade. It will also be the foundation of your entire project so it is important that you do it well. In marking your project, we will looking for the following points: