COMP 303 Fall 2006

Project Part 0


Required Problem

  1. Make sure you have access to an installed version of Eclipse 3.2.
  2. Create a new Java project with a different source and output folder.
  3. Import the content of into your new project (right click on your project and select Import | General | Archive File.) You should agree to override the .classpath file.
  4. Study the code in the different classes.
  5. Execute the test suite:
    1. Right-click on
    2. Select Run As | JUnit Test. The JUnit testbench should execute and display a red bar (indicating a failing test). You need to enable the assertions to make the test pass:
    3. From the main menu bar, select Run | Run...
    4. In the area on the left, select UtilTestSuite (you can give it a new name if you want).
    5. Select the Arguments tab and add -ea under VM arguments. Click Apply, then Run. Things should be green now.
  6. Experiment with the various util classes by writing unit tests for them.




There is no formal evaluation for this part. However, your knowledge of the material is necessary to complete the other parts of the project, and is subject to examination.