COMP 303 (Fall 2005) Project Deliverable Two

Due Date: Wednesday October 12, 2005, 11:59 AM.


To implement the Dealer module. This module of the game is used to maintain, modify, and query the state of the game (the cards and money in each player's hand at any point) according to the rules of Blackjack.

Required Problem

You must implement the interface. This interface is partial and only intended to give you a "feel" for what you will be implementing. Note that we simplified the architecture for the project. The complete instructions for deliverable two are as follow:
  1. Model the behavior of the dealer component with a state diagram. Make sure that your component supports applying all the rules of blackjack.
  2. Model the implementation of your component with a class diagram.
  3. Complete the interface with contracts and additional methods. Make sure your interface is cohesive, complete, clear, convenient, and consistent. Think long and hard about what your component should do if the rules of the game are not respected (e.g., a client attempts to double a blackjack hand).
  4. Implement the component.
  5. Write junit test cases demonstrating and testing the behavior of your component.
In a zip file, submit:


In evaluating your project we will look at the completeness and correctness of your design, implementation, and tests.