SONA 2006
First International Workshop on
Software Navigation Analysis

14-17 March 2006, Barbados

Theme and Goals

Many activities in software engineering involve the navigation of information in different artifacts (source code, documentation...). The effectiveness of software navigation activities can have a great impact on the overall quality and cost of a software project. For a number of years researchers have been studying software navigation and proposed ways to improve its effectiveness. The goal of the first SONA workshop is to create a community of researchers interested in issues of navigation in software engineering. An additional goal for the workshop will be to devise a common framework for comparing empirical results in software navigation analysis.

Location and Facilities

The workshop will be held at McGill University's
Bellairs research institute, located directly on a beautiful beach in Barbados. The Bellairs institute provides very basic accommodation (in double occupancy only), and partial board, for a minimal fee (in the order of 50 USD per day - exact price subject to change). The workshop activities will be held directly at the institute.


Due to restricted space availability, attendance at the workshop is by invitation only.

Workshop Organizers

Martin Robillard, McGill University, Canada
Janice Singer, National Research Council of Canada
Margaret-Anne Storey, University of Victoria, Canada