Research prototypes and software engineering tools developed by members of my research group.

JetUMLFree Simple UML Diagramming ToolGPLActive
CasdocUnobtrusive Explanations in Code ExamplesClosed source
DScribeA tool to generate unit tests and documentation from templates.Apache 2.0Active
WittQuerying Technology Terms Based on Automated ClassificationCC-by-nc-sa 4.0Dormant
FracoAn Eclipse plug-in to detect fragile code commentsEPLLegacy
TaskNavA Search Engine Specialized for API DocumentationClosed sourceLegacy
ACECode Element Extractor for StackOverflowCopyrightLegacy
RecodocAnalysis platform for developer learning resources.New BSDLegacy
API ExplorerA recommendation-based tool to support discoverability and understandability of APIs.McGillLegacy
DiffCatA tool for detecting non-esential differences in the revision histories of software systems.EPLLegacy
Partial Program AnalysisStatic analysis framework that transforms the source code of an incomplete Java program into a typed Abstract Syntax Tree.LGPLLegacy
SemDiffSoftware repository analysis framework. Bundled with a recommendation system that suggests how to adapt clients of changed libraries or frameworks.LGPLLegacy
ConcernDetector Concern Tracing Mechanism for Eclipse.EPLLegacy
ConcernMapperEclipse plug-in supporting advanced separation of concerns.EPLLegacy
CloneTrackerEclipse plug-in to track clone regions in evolving source code.EPLLegacy
SuadeEclipse plug-in for automatic generation of suggestions for program investigation.EPLLegacy
JayFXFormerly known as JavaDB, the search engine powering FEAT is now distributed as a separate plug-in.EPLLegacy
ConcernDetectorEclipse plug-in that automatically notifies developers when current changes overlap with documented concerns.EPLLegacy
JMantletEclipse plug-in to manage and enforce concern interfaces in Java programs.GPLLegacy
FEATA tool for locating, describing, and analyzing concerns in source code.UBCLegacy
JexA tool for analyzing exception flow in Java programs.GPLLegacy