Free Simple UML Diagramming Tool

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Download and Installation

Download the self-executing jar file. You need to have Java 8 installed on your computer. JetUML requires no installation: to run it, double-click the file you downloaded. You can also run the application from the command-line with the command:

java -jar <file name> ca.mcgill.cs.stg.jetuml.UMLEditor 

where <file name> is the name of the file you downloaded (something that starts with jetuml...).

What is JetUML?

JetUML is a free software application to create, save, edit, and view simple UML diagrams. It is based on the original code of the Violet project.

Why JetUML?

There exists many tools to create UML diagrams. The primary design goal of JetUML to make the creation of simple diagrams as quick as possible.

Who Can Use It?

JetUML is free for all and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Source Code

This projects is hosted on GitHub.