Free Desktop Application to View and Edit Geographic Markers

Download and Installation

Download the self-executing jar file. You need to have Java 7 installed on your computer.

GeoDesk requires no installation: to run it, double-click the file you downloaded. You can also run the application from the command-line with the command:

java -jar <file name> 

where <file name> is the name of the file you downloaded (something that starts with GeoDesk...).

What is GeoDesk?

GeoDesk is a free software application to create, edit, and view geographic markers. Use markers to describe your favorite hiking trails, exotic vacation prospects, where you hide the cake, etc.

Why GeoDesk?

You can create and save geographic markers using many free on-line map services and mobile apps. However, these options require you to upload your personal information to a server. Your data can then be used without your control in ways that can be difficult to understand. In contrast, GeoDesk gives you complete control over your data by never uploading it anywhere.

Who Can Use It?

GeoDesk is free for all and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

How Do I Use It?

Use the mouse to navigate and zoom the map. Right-click to create and edit markers. Try the menus for more options.

Where's My Data?

All the data you create with GeoDesk is stored in a single file on your computer. To see where this file is located, click Data | Current Data File Location. Your data is stored in a format called GeoJson. This format is both open and human-readable. This means that you do not need GeoDesk to access your marker data: you can read it using any text editor (such as Notepad), or other applications that read the GeoJson format.

How Does It Work?

GeoDesk obtains map data from free on-line map services. It loads your marker data from your private data file and draws the markers on top of the map.

Who Develops GeoDesk?

GeoDesk is developed by Martin Robillard. The project is based on earlier work by Jan Peter Stotz and others.

Source Code

This projects is hosted on GitHub.