DySDoc 2020

Sixth International Workshop on Dynamic Software Documentation

7-14 February 2020, Barbados


The recent explosion in software development technologies and the ever-increasing diversity of programmers and programming contexts creates critical challenges for the development of usable and up-to-date software documentation. The concept of traditional, manually-authored documents may be unsustainable in this context. In February 2017, the participants of the DysDoc 2017 Workshop elaborated a vision of On-Demand Developer Documentation (OD3), presented at ICSME 2017. The idea of an OD3 system is to automatically generate high-quality documentation in response to a user query using a combination of knowledge extraction techniques on an underlying collection of structured and unstructured artifacts, including source code, issue tracking system metadata, and posts from Q&A forums.

Following on the heels of the successful DysDoc2, DysDoc3, DysDoc4, and DysDoc5 instances of the series, the DysDoc6 workshop brought together experienced researchers with the goal of furthering initiatives for collaborative research on on-demand developer documentation.


The workshop took take place at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute.


The workshop was organized by Martin Robillard.