Room 108,

McConnell Engineering Bldg

3480 University St.

Montreal, Quebec H3A OE9

My primary research interests are Generative Language Modeling (Dialog Systems) and Language Reasoning. I am also interested in other areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) as well such as Text classification, Text representation, and Entailment. I am also interested in exploring strong linguistic priors in designing machine learning systems for text generation and representation.

Currently, I live in the wonderful city of Montreal, Canada, working as a Research Associate in McGill University, while pursuing PhD at the School of Computer Science. Previously, I worked at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur at the position of Senior Project Associate, as well as NRI Fintech, Kolkata, as Front End Developer. I graduated B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata in 2014. You can find my detailed CV here