Multi-layer skin simulation with adaptive constraints

Pengbo Li               Paul G. Kry

School of Computer Science, McGill University


We present an approach for physics based simulation of the wrinkling of multi-layer skin with heterogeneous material properties. Each layer of skin is simulated with an adaptive mesh, with the different layers coupled via constraints that only permit wrinkle deformation at wavelengths that match the physical properties of the multi-layer model. We use texture maps to define varying elasticity and thickness of the skin layers, and design our constraints as continuous functions, which we discretize at run time to match the changing adaptive mesh topology. In our examples, we use blend shapes to drive the bottom layer, and we present a variety of examples of simulations that demonstrate small wrinkles on top of larger wrinkles, which is a typical pattern seen on human skin. Finally, we show that our physics-based wrinkles can be used in the automatic creation of wrinkle maps, allowing the visual details of our high resolution simulations to be produced at real time speeds.

Motion in Games 2014.
Paper [PDF, 1.5 MB]
Movie download [WMV, 100 MB]