6D Frictional Contact for Rigid Bodies

Charles Bouchard
McGill University, Canada
Matthieu Nesme
LJK Inria, France
Maxime Tournier
Bin Wang
VisuCA Key Lab, SIAT, China
Francois Faure
LJK Inria, UJF, France
Paul G. Kry
McGill University, Canada


We present a new approach to modeling contact between rigid objects that augments an individual Coulomb friction point-contact model with rolling and spinning friction constraints. Starting from the intersection volume, we compute a contact normal from the volume gradient. We compute a contact position from the first moment of the intersection volume, and approximate the extent of the contact patch from the second moment of the intersection volume. By incorporating knowledge of the contact patch into a point contact Coulomb friction formulation, we produce a 6D constraint that provides appropriate limits on torques to accommodate displacement of the center of pressure within the contact patch, while also providing a rotational torque due to dry friction to resist spinning. A collection of examples demonstrate the power and benefits of this simple formulation.

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