2013 Montreal Fall Graphics Retreat - GRAND Café @ McGill Gault Nature Reserve

Gault House

Thursday 24 October



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This second Montreal fall graphics retreat brings together students and faculty to discuss work in progress. The main purpose is for participants to solicit early feedback on work in preparation for Graphics Interface and SIGGRAPH. This year will be a larger event with numerous out of town guests, and will be sponsored as a GRAND Cafe Cafe event.

The retreat will consist of short talks of approximately 10 minutes each, followed by up to 10 minutes of questions and discussion. Presentation slides as well as drafts of the papers, in some cases early and in others quite polished, are available to all participants to allow for more meaningful feedback. Paper drafts must be prepared for the 17th of October to permit reviewing before the event.


The Gault nature reserve is located 40 minutes south of Montreal in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. Please see these directions for getting to the reserve.

  • Adrien Dubouchet, University of Montreal
  • Amir Rabanni, McGill University
  • Andres Solis Montero, University of Ottawa
  • Aude Giraud, University of Montreal
  • Charles Bouchard, McGill University
  • Cynthia Beauchemin, University of Montreal
  • David Milaenen, University of Montreal
  • David Mould, Carleton University
  • David Quiroz Marin, University of Montreal
  • Derek Nowrouzezahrai, University of Montreal
  • Eric Paquette, École de technologie supérieure
  • François Dagenais, École de technologie supérieure
  • Guofu Xie, University of Montreal
  • Jochen Lang, University of Ottawa
  • Jonathan Dupuy, University of Montreal
  • Jonathan Gagnon, École de technologie supérieure
  • Karan Singh, University of Toronto
  • Marc Jarvis, McGill University
  • Olivier Mercier, University of Montreal
  • Paul Kry, McGill University
  • Pengbo Li, McGill University
  • Pierre Poulin, University of Montreal
  • Sheldon Andrews, McGill University
  • Tiberiu Popa, Concordia University
  • Yangyang Zhao, University of Montreal
Schedule, Thursday October 24

8:30 - Arrive / Breakfast

9:10 - Welcoming remarks

9:20 - Session 1

Compliant Mechanisms
Turbulence Models
Momentum Pathways
Dynamic Textures

10:20 - Break

10:40 - Session 2

SH Exponentiation
Contact Simulation
Fluid Meshing
Data-driven Fingertips

12:20 - Lunch

14:20 - Session 3

Wrinkle Simulation
Image Sampling
Radiance Caching
Diffusion Surfaces

15:40 - Break

16:00 - Session 4

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Ray Marching
Subsurface Scattering

16:40 - Closing remarks

17:00 - Departure