2020 Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation
2020 Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation:
Open Problems for SCA


Feb 14 - Feb 21, 2020

Arrival: Friday Feb 14
Departure: Friday Feb 21


Bellairs Research Institute


select photos by Sylvain Paris



This year's annual Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation will provide an opportunity to make progress on open problems suitable for development into submissions for the Symposium on Computer Animation. SCA is the premier forum for innovations in the software and technology of computer animation, and unites researchers and practitioners working on all aspects of time-based phenomena. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers to share and explore knowledge about best practices, and to collaborate on new ideas.

Each participant will prepare an open problem for presentation to the group, and participations will work on selected problems in subgroups throughout the week with regular progress and regress reports. This mirrors the format to the co-located INRIA-McGill-UVic workshop on computational geometry. The format is informal and may also include a few presentations with extended questions, discussions, and demos. Bellairs workshops are generally very conducive to developing new ideas, making progress with existing collaborators, and creating new connections.

Invited participants should use the following information collection form to express interest in the workshop.

Accommodation Information

The Bellairs facilities are relatively primitive (and inexpensive). Accommodation is very basic with double (or triple) occupancy rooms and in most cases shared bathrooms. It all feels more like a cottage rather than hotel. Participation with accommodation at Bellairs is limited to approximately 20 people. While it is desirable to have everyone stay in rooms at Bellairs, participation will not be limited to only those who are staying on site (with some Bellairs fees still charged to anyone staying elsewhere). Rooms at Bellairs will be assigned with priority given to participants who respond early, are sharing rooms, and staying the duration of the workshop. Room sharing arrangements will be worked out later once participants have been confirmed.

All on-site reservations must be made through the workshop organizers. Due to space limitations, participation at the workshop is by invitation only.

General Information

The workshop will take place at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute and will be held Friday 14 February to Friday 21 February. Participants should plan to arrive at the Bridgetown airport in the afternoon on Friday. Shared taxi service (approximately 35 USD one way) will be organized via a Google spreadsheet. Note that when you are in Barbados, prices are always quoted in Barbados dollars, but you can always pay with US dollars as there is a fixed 2 Barbados to 1 USD exchange rate. The collocated computational geometry workshop has an excellent (mostly up to date) page listing other practical information.

With some meals included according to scheduling constraints, food and accommodation costs between 70 and 85 USD per day. Payments for room and some meals can be paid by credit card to Bellairs, while money for breakfasts, coffee, and refreshments is covered through a separate workshop fee (typically 80 USD).

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