2014 Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation:
Appearance and Motion


Jan 31 - Feb 7, 2014

Arrival: Friday January 31
Departure: Friday February 7


Bellairs Research Institute




photos by Sylvain Paris



The sixth annual Bellairs Workshop on Computer Animation will focus on problems at the intersection of computer animation and rendering. Researchers in animation and rendering typically publish at different symposia. While there are open research problems that straddle the two domains and should mandate a joint research effort, relatively little cross-fertilization has occurred between these two very active communities. This workshop will help address this providing a venue to foster new collaborations and discussions on the topic of holistic approaches to coupled appearance and motion problems. Facilities will be shared with a concurrent workshop on computational geometry.

The workshop will consist of a variety of activities, including talks, breakout sessions for participants to discuss topics in small groups, and a session for interactive demos. There will also be plenty of time for informal discussions. The Bellairs facilities are relatively primitive (and inexpensive), so there are few distractions such as those typically found in hotels. Accommodation is very basic (in most cases double occupancy), and with meals costs between 70 and 85 USD per day. Reservations must be made through the workshop organizers. Due to space limitations, participation at the workshop is by invitation only.

The workshop will take place at McGill University's Bellairs Research Institute and will be held Friday 31 January to Friday 7 February. Participants should plan to arrive at the Bridgetown airport in the afternoon on Friday. Shared taxi service (approximately 35 USD one way) will be organized via a Google spreadsheet. Note that while you are in Barbados the prices will always quoted in Barbados dollars, but you can always pay with US dollars as there is a fixed 2 Barbados to 1 USD exchange rate.

  • Bernd Bickel
  • Brian Wyvill
  • Christopher Batty
  • Darren Cosker
  • Derek Nowrouzezahrai
  • Eugene Fiume
  • Gladimir Baranoski
  • Jos Stam
  • Kyros Kutulakos
  • Matthew O'Toole
  • Paul Kry
  • Pierre Poulin
  • Rodolphe Vaillant
  • Wojciech Jarosz

The tentative schedule will assembled in the days leading up to the workshop. Each day will generally follow a similar format of presentations in the morning, an extended break for lunch, followed by a second set of presentations in the afternoon. Informal discussions typically continue after dinner. One evening will be set aside for software demos. The week will also include one day break (typically the Thursday before Friday departure), giving participants an opportunity to explore the island.

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