[Bettina Kemme]

Bettina Kemme
Associate Professor


School of Computer Science
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

School of Computer Science
McGill University
3480 University Street
McConnell Engineering Building, Room 318
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3A 0E9

Telephone: +1-514-398 8930 
Fax : +1-514-398 3883
E-mail: kemme at cs.mcgill.ca
Office: MC 109N

Dimplom (similar to M.Sc.) in Computer Science, Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany
PhD in Computer Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland.


Fall 2018: COMP-512 Distributed Systems
Winter 2017: COMP-614 Distributed Data Management


My main focus lies in the design and development of distributed information systems. I am involved in several projects related to communication and information management such as large-scale data management in the cloud, transactional platform as a service, adaptability in multi-tier architectures, and distributed massively multi-player games. Detailed information and list of publications can be found at the webpage of the Distributed Information Systems Lab

Quick Link to my publications on DBLP

How to live life?

Having lived in a couple of very different countries it took me some time to figure out which is the best way to live. I have been trying to combine Spanish "alegrķa" (zest for life) with American belief in freedom, and Swiss efficiency. Canada added the beauty of a multicultural society. And in my heart, I have always been German.

But now there are two very simple answers: Sophia and Maya