[c y b e r] s p a c e

I am currently interested in the concept of space, specifically virtual or electronic space. I am increasingly aware of its capacity to allow us to explore and develop many theoretical, psychological and cultural issues and ideas. If you are also curious, then please read an overview of the concepts introduced to me by Peter Anders’ book Envisioning Cyberspace. He identifies cyberspace as the emulation of space in electronic environments. Read the following excerpts from his book, and then stop to think, just for a moment.

Root of Research

Gibson Bibliography / Mediagraphy

The Neuromancer Trilogy

The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview

[c y b e r] s p a c e

We use space as a tool for managing information, thought and memories. Without it we wouldn’t be able to effect the most primitive actions. It is the medium of thought.

The development of cyberspace is, at heart, a cultural project. Though its engine, the computer, is clearly a technical triumph, the computer’s work is not of a physical nature. It is a cultural machine, and extension of our being. As such, cyberspace can become as rich a means of expression as any other art form, as rich a subject as any science.

The previous passages represent what we are attempting to electronically create: an extension of our thoughts and a space to share our ideas and emotions. We seek a means of expression and a facet for creativity. Somehow, through correspondence and art, we want to find the meaning and patterns in our thoughts and lives.

love - what does love have to do with this? love of machine, love of coding, love through technology. the latter, most commonly referred to as cybersex, and not techophilia at all, is love between people created and developed in silico. i would like to document my thoughts and experiences and especially my gratitude as one half of a cyberrelationship that has also succeeded in real life. to quote my boyfriend, 'the internet helped me get a girlfriend'. but my main techsqeeze(s) remain everything apple:

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