Jun Wang

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School of Computer Science
McGill University
3480 University Street
Montreal, QC H3A 2A7

Email: jwang90@csmcgillca


About Me

Hello and welcome!

I'm currently a Ph.D. student in the School of Computer Science at McGill University, located in Montreal, Canada. I'm doing research work in the area of Parallel and Distributed Simulation (PADS), under the supervision of Professor Carl Tropper (web, email).

Before coming to McGill, I had been working as a Software Engineer for companies like Nortel, Siemens, and ADC. I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineersing from the University of Electronics Science and Technology of China (UESTC).

Aside from Computer Science, I enjoy reading books, music, photography, Weiqi(Go), and travelling. I also play a little tennis, and when winter comes, I ski/snowboard a little to stay warm.

Curriculum Vitae

Here is my currculum vitae in Word, and PDF format.



My research area is Parallel and Distributed Simulation. One of the major applications in this area is the simulation of VLSI systems where a network of computers is utilized to simulate a VLSI circuit in order to reduce the simulation time required by traditional sequential simulation.

Currently my efforts are focused on applying learning techniques, such as learning automata and reinforcement learning to optimizing the Time Warp protocol.


  • J.Wang and C.Tropper, Optimizing the Time Warp Protocol with Learning Automata, European Simulation and Modelling Conference, 2007.
  • J.Wang and C.Tropper, Optimizing Time Warp Simulation with Reinforcement Learning Techniques, 2007 Winter Simulation Conference, 2007.
  • J.Wang and C.Tropper, Compiled Code in Distributed Logic Simulation, 2006 Winter Simulation Conference, 2006.
  • J.Wang and C.Tropper, Nicarus: A Distributed Verilog Compiler. Workshop of the 2004 International Conference on Parallel Processing, 2004.



Some course projects.


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