COMP-335 Software Engineering Methods (Prof. Joseph Vybihal)


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This course is designed to instroduce the computer science student to the essentials of software engineering. Often programmers do not place much thought into formulating a structured methodology for designing and constructing large scale programming projects. This course attempts to build the foundation for such a framework. Important techniques need to be developed in problem analysis, software design, documentation and programming. Explorations in creating software, communicating with clients, creating a requirement document, planning a project and working in a team will be developed. Being a good programmer is not only being able to write code that compiles and runs well. It is a complex combination of conflicting priorities that must be brough into synergy - a maximization of competing issues. Only then, when code looks pretty and runs efficiently while satisfying the needs of the client and communicated in such a way that everyone knows what to do, only then do we have a good project.

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