COMP-307 Principles of Web Development (Prof. Joseph Vybihal)


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About COMP-307

Students wanting to work as web site developers will need to understand the concepts behind server-side execution, client-side execution, security, language paradigms, distributed processing, interpreters, deployment methods, web frameworks, the architecture of the Internet, and some of the latest techniques and technologies. This would include common practises and common programming languages.
Primary learning outcome: To get a clear understanding of the major principles & algorithms that underlie web development and receive practical hands-on experience through a project.
Secondary learning outcomes: After taking this course, the student should be able to: (1) identify the core technologies in web development and how they are architect-ed, (2) explain the paradigms and principles on which the core functions are built on, (3) be able to discuss major performance issues (data storage and run-time load), and (4) discuss the web technologies and techniques required for a particular target application.

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