COMP-206 Introduction to Software Systems (Prof. Joseph Vybihal)


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About COMP-206

1) COMP-206 is a 3-credit full semester course in Software Development under the UNIX environment.  It is offered in both the fall and winter semesters, and is a required course for students in many of our degree programs.  It provides a brief but comprehensive introduction to and overview of the C programming language and how to use it with the UNIX environment to build software. 
(2) This course focuses on software systems.  And this relates to how differing software, languages and environments can be integrated to work together.  In this light the course also teaches programming that integrates with the OS and integrate with other programming languages.
(3) COMP 206 sets the stage for follow-on courses, COMP-273, COMP-307 and COMP-310.
(5) This course also gives the student software management skills in the form of the GNU tool set.

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