CCS2-505 Programming (Prof. Joseph Vybihal)


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About CCS2-505

This is a semi-intensive programming course for students that already have some programming background. The course focuses on programming using functional, object-oriented, and interpreted programming techniques covering basic software requirements, design, implementation, testing and maintenance methods using Java/Applets, Python, JAXM, XML/HTML/CSS and CGI. Students taking this course should expect to learn about:

(1) Familiarise students with internet programming languages.
(2) Gain an appreciation of the suitability of each to particular applications.
(3) Methods for designing algorithms, problem solving, program debugging and testing.

This course can also be linked together with lectures on C and Perl. These two additional languages can also be web interfaced using the techniques covered in this course. At this time we do not show this directly.

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