COMP-102: Computers and Computing (Fall 2011)

INSTRUCTOR: Joelle Pineau (Office hours: Tues 1:00-2:00pm, MC106N)
TAs: Robert Vincent and Athena Kardehi Moghaddam
CLASS DAY/TIME: Tuesday / Thursday 11:35am-12:55pm

Course schedule

Course syllabus



A course for students with no previous knowledge of computer science. The course is intended to provide a survey of selected topics in computer science starting from how computers store data (text, numbers, image, sound, and video), to the inner workings of computers (hardware) and moving on to more advanced topics such as computability, complexity, web design, AI, robotics, cryptography, and social implications of computing. (3 credits; 3 hours per week)

We will also explore concrete questions such as: What are the origins of computation? Are there things that computers cannot do? How do we build internet search engines? How do you teach a robot to walk and talk? How can we safely communicate confidential information? How can computers help treat individuals with chronic illnesses?

Tentative Course Outline (subject to change)

Prerequisite: The course is appropriate for both novice and experienced computer users. It is intended for any student with high-school-level math and science background who has a keen interest in learning how the science of computation is impacting the world in which we live.

Restrictions: Credit will not be given for COMP 102 if it is taken concurrently with, or after, any of: COMP 202, COMP 203, COMP 208, COMP 250. Management students cannot receive credit for COMP 102.