2011 Workshop Schedule

The working sessions of the workshop start on Saturday morning, and end on Wednesday evening. Each working day is structured into a morning and an evening session. Breakfast is served at 7:45 in the eating area. The morning session goes from 8:30 to 12:30, the evening session from 16:30 - 18:00, followed by dinner, followed by a late evening session from 19:30 - 22:00 and discussions.


Last modified: November 23, 2015, Jörg Kienzle

Friday April 15th:

Saturday April 16th:

Participants arrive at Bellairs. Joint welcome cocktail for participants of the AOM workshop and participants of the CaMPAM workshop on the terrace of the seabourne appartment.

8:30 Welcome and Introduction
9:00 Betty Cheng & Sai Pradeep:
Repository for Model-Driven Development
10:30 Thomas Kühne: Bits and Pieces of Metamodelling
16:30 Nicolas Guelfi & Alfredo Capozucca: “
REACT: Experiments about Product Derivation
19:00 Gunter Mussbacher & Jörg Kienzle: “
AoURN to RAM Workflow Middleware

Sunday April 17th:

Monday April 18th:

8:30 Jörg Kienzle: “Summary of Bellairs AOM Workshop in 2010
Rest of the Morning: Definition of a Mini-CMS Case Study
Afternoon: Glass bottom boat excursion: the “shipwreck” and “swimming with the turtles”

Work in 5 groups: a) Elicitation of AOM Comparison Criteria, b) Object-oriented Requirements and Analysis of the Mini-CMS, c) Aspect-Oriented Requirements and Analysis of the Mini-CMS, d) Aspect-Oriented Design of the Mini-CMS

Tuesday April 19th:

Wednesday April 20th:

Thursday April 21st:

Friday April 22nd:

Morning: finalizing group work
Afternoon: presentation of group results to others

Trip to Crane Beach