Jörg’s Hobbies

My first computer was an Apple II Europlus that my uncle built for me in 1982. That was one hell of a machine: Motorola 6502 processor (1 MHz), 48k memory, 6 colors (anyway, I only had a monochrome monitor), and a disk drive. I think the number of BASIC programs I wrote are innumerable (text and "high-res" graphical adventure games, a Dungeon & Dragons monster-generator, etc...)

Then, in 1988, I bought an Apple II GS. Somehow similar to an Amiga (although without graphic coprocessor), this computer could still run the old Apple II stuff. Equipped with a 65C816 processor (2.8 MHz), 4096 color graphics, 32 channel stereo sound and a 3 1/2 disk drive, I started writing games in assembly language. Gate, written together with two friends, Henrik Gudat and Yann Le Tensorer, and later on Spacefox were published by Toolbox, a French game company, and later on Seven Hills Software, a company located in the USA.

Finally, I switched to Macintosh. After some years using a Mac IIsi (I ported Gate to the Macintosh), I finally bought a PowerMac 8500. I wrote a couple of programs in C++, mostly semester projects, including a interactive simulator of mechanical interactions (SimKit) for the graphics lab at Carnegie Mellon University and a Tierra simulator for the LSL, the Department of Logical Systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL). During the preparation for my final exams, I have written a strategic board game, Hexomania. Then I worked on a new game, Stormwind, which was supposed to be a mixture between strategic, action and simulation game, but since I am a professor at McGill my programming time is very limited. So I guess it will remain in "alpha" stage for a long time!

I started ice-skating when I was 8 years old, and started a serious Ice Dancing career when I was 14. In 1992 I won the Swiss Championships and participated in the European Championships and World Championships. At the European Championships (Lausanne, Switzerland) I finished at the 16th place, at the World Figure Skating Championships (San Francisco, CA, USA) I finished at the 18th place (out of 27 competitors), just behind the Lithuanian couple who have won the 3rd place at the World Figure Skating Championships in 2000.



Very early, I started learning to play the recorder and really loved it. Then, as every *good* "Basler" (habitant of Basel), I learned to play the piccolo. This instrument is played during the annual spring carnival. I also tried to learn how to play the clarinet, but after one year of studies I abandoned it. What I enjoyed the most was playing the piano. If I remember correctly I started playing the piano when I was 8, and I took lessons for about 9 years.