Gate blends action, adventure, and brain-teasing challenges into an addictive fast-action game with smooth animation, exciting music and sound effects. Escape the castle's prison, battle enemies, solve puzzles, and defeat you captor to restore peace to the land.

The game is available in English, French, German or Kanji.


Flames in the night sky and the screams of dying men and women: these are the memories which linger in your mind as you contemplate your fate from behind the bowels of your dungeon cell. It was but a fortnight ago when your small village was attacked by the hideous minions of Darg, the Firemaster. If only the village elders had heeded the prophesy of Vladorf the Wise and armed themselves against the encroaching hoard that now overruns the land of Divesia, perhaps your family and friends might still be alive.

The signs were clear enough in retrospect: first came the ominous fiery veils of light in the evening skies;
sudden snowstorms and gales past the vernal equinox; tremors in the ground; and rivers that reversed their courses. The crops were pounded by hail, then withered as if from great drought the next day. The fishermen's nets were filled with strangely twisted fish whose flesh was unwholesome, and brought madness to those who ate of it. Then the huntsmen returned with tales of wild animals gone mad: gigantic toads the size of wolves; swarms of winged spiders and scorpions; and raptor birds garbed in feathers that seemed to burn with a terrible, unquenchable fire. One farmer on the outlands had told that the earth rejected the bodies of the dead, and cast them from their graves to wander as immaterial wraiths. The very land itself seemed gripped by delirium, and a great lamentation arose from the people.
The villagers petitioned their elders for guidance,, but none could fathom these dire omens. Some asserted that the people had strayed from the teachings of the Ol
d Ones, while others averred that the Old Ones warred amongst themselves. Reports that the Giants had awoken from their age-old slumber to renew their pacts with the race of men served only to further confound the elders. They could only agree that all the other villages should be gathered to form one council, as tradition demanded. They chose the four swiftest runners to bear the urgent declarations to the four corners of the land, but none were heard from again.

In panic the elders recalled the prophesy of Vladorf the Wise, who foretold that when the land went mad, only a single brave warrior armed with the marvelous 'Bow of Many Arrows' could restore the balance, and then only with the assistance of the Forgotten Magi. Your father was known to be the greatest archer in the village, and so he was chosen to bear this great honor. It was retrieved from the sacred vaults and given to his keeping.

But as night fell on the village that same day, a strange and hideous army stormed the village. Warrior
s with ashen countenance and baleful gaze, whose very souls seemed burned from their hearts, attacked and brutalized the good people. Invisible Fire Giants, whose only trace was the scorched footprints where they trod the soil, smashed the gates of the village. Huge fire elementals swirled on vortices of malefic flame, engulfing the huts and barns in awful conflagration. Through your father slew scores of Darg's minions with the 'Bow of Many Arrows', in the end you were both overcome and taken prisoners of the foul hoard.

Now you find yourself in a dank cell, with your father mortally wounded. You have only your untested valor with the Bow and a fervent hope that the promise of aid foretold by Vladorf the Wise was more than just a legend.

System Requirements

Gate is quite an old game. I've written it using a combination of Think Pascal, Think C and 680x0 assembly language when the first Macintosh Quadra had just been released. Using assembly language was necessary in order to get smooth scrolling on my Mac IIsi!

In order to run Gate, you'll need:

  1. Any Power Mac or 68k Mac with 68020 processor or better (old 68k Macs must turn on 32 bit addressing in the Memory Control Panel)

  2. 4 MB memory

  3. 4.5 MB of disk space

  4. 640x480 screen or larger, support 256 colors/grays or more

  5. System 6.0.7 or later

If game scrolling is too fast (well, on the IIsi it was too slow :) ), check the Slower option in the menu.

Gate does not run on Intel Macs. It runs in under MacOS 10.2 or older in classic mode.

Known Bugs

The game was written under System 6.0.7, prior to the availability of Game Sprockets. In order to get fast scrolling on older Macintosh models, most of the display routines are written in assembly language. They directly write to the screen memory: they don't use Quickdraw! Depending on your graphic card this can cause display problems.

Some new OS features have been introduced in later system versions, and Gate might not handle them correctly. The control strip for instance is not hidden when playing Gate.


Use the links below to download Gate:

•Gate Demo, bin-hex'd (.hqx / 1.7 MB)

•Gate 1.3.0 (English, French, German), bin-hex'd (.hqx / 1.5 MB), stuffit (.sit / 1.1 MB)

•Gate 1.3.0k (English, French, German, Kanji), bin-hex'd (.hqx / 2.4 MB), stuffit (.sit / 1.7 MB)