Pictures of Mira by Leino Olé


When Mira was 5 days old we took her to a talented photographer named Leino Olé. His company, EstoImage, is located in Longueuil (the “south shore”), at a 20 minutes drive from downtown Montreal. As soon as we entered his studio it was clear that Leino is a real artist. His studio is full of interesting objects that he uses for his pictures, and the walls are covered with artistic shots of babies and toddlers.

Leino is really professional, and very good with babies. The session was around 3 hours long, and hence we never felt any time pressure. Mira was able to relax and adjust to the temperature of the studio, and we took many feeding / cleaning breaks. In the end, Leino had taken around a 100 amazing pictures, 6 of which are reproduced here with his kind permission.