Barbados Workshop 2003

Here are some pics that I took while out researching in Barbados.

These pictures are of the research facility:

And here are some of shots from the surrounding area:

These are some shots of the church next door:

I arrived a few days early so I was able to fit in some touring. On the first full day, I took a trip with Arkadev to see the East coast. These pictures are on the outskirts of a town called Basheba:

The following day we took a trip to the North coast. I didn't think to take pictures of anything other than the coastline.

Here are some great local establishments that we visited. The first picture is of a place we found on our way home from the North cape. As you can see from the sign, they have a strict `no bicycles' policy. The other two pics are of Rocky's hide-away. We spent lots of time at Rocky's because it had lots of local charm, AND a pool table.

On Thursday we took an excursion to Crane Beach, home of the infamous `Crane Beach Conjecture'. I jumped of the ledge.

On the last day I took a trip to the middle of the island to see "Harrison's Cave".

Last but not least, here are some monkeys!

Thanks for coming. Later!