Malik Altakrori
co-supervised with Benjamin Fung
  • Text mining
  • Authorship analysis
  • Deep learning
Kushal Arora
co-supervised with Doina Precup
Yue Dong
  • Natural language processing
  • Statistical learning theory
  • Deep learning
Jad Kabbara
  • NLG
  • Deep learning
  • Computational pragmatics
Zichao Li
co-supervised with Siva Reddy
Ian Porada
  • Representation learning
  • NLP
  • Commonsense reasoning
Sabina Elkins
Jules Gagnon-Marchand
Andrei Romascanu
Co-supervisor: Doina Precup
  • Reinforcement learning for natural language processing
  • Knowledge representation and learning
Cesare Spinoso-Di Piano
Co-supervisor: Samira A.Rahimi
Jules Barbe
Yu Lu Liu

Summer, 2020

Fall, 2019

Summer, 2017

Summer, 2016

Ali Emami
Ph.D., 2021
Jiapeng Wu
co-supervised with Will Hamilton
M.Sc., 2021
Frédéric Beaupré
Undergraduate project
Chenxuan (Tracy) Zhou
Undergraduate project
Dong Qian
Visiting student from Hong Kong Baptist University
José Ángel González Barba
co-supervised with Annie Louis
Visiting student from Universitat Politècnica de València
Konstantinos (KC) Tsiolis
Undergraduate projects, 2019 – 2021
Clément Jumel
co-supervisor with Annie Louis
M.Sc., 2020
Matt Grenander
co-supervised with Annie Louis
M.Sc., 2020
Edward Newell
co-supervised with Derek Ruths
Ph.D., 2019
Kian Kenyon-Dean
co-supervised with Doina Precup
M.Sc., 2019
Paul Trichelair
PhD student
Gabriela Moisescu-Pareja
Undergraduate project, 2017 – 2018
Lei Yu
Undergraduate project, 2018
Pengfei Liu
Visiting PhD student, 2018
Krtin Kumar
M.Sc., 2018
Caden Cao
Mitacs Globalink Intern, 2018
Noelia de la Cruz
Undergraduate project
Gabriel Cemaj
Undergraduate project
Jingyun Liu
External co-supervisor: Annie Louis
Victor Chenal
M.Sc., 2017
Teng (Leo) Long
co-supervised with Doina Precup
M.Sc., 2017
Weiwei Zhang
M.Sc., 2017
Razvan Ciuca
Summer internship, 2017
Yulan Feng
Undergraduate projects, 2016 – 2017
Sébastien Lemieux-Codère
Undergraduate project, 2016
Priya Sidhaye
M.Sc., 2016
Luke Emery-Fertitta
B.Sc. Honours project, 2016
Louis Chartrand
Visiting Ph.D. student from UQAM, 2016
Michael Noseworthy
COMP 396 project, 2016

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