Time and Location

April 9, 2018, 11am – 2pm
2001 McGill College, Room 461

The 2018 Cognitive Science Undergraduate Research Presentation Day will take place on April 9, 2018. Students currently enrolled in a COGS research course will be giving poster presentations of their work. There will be a pizza lunch for participants and attendees, and prizes for the best presentations, as determined by a panel of judges!

Bratislav Misic

Network Neuroscience Lab, Montréal Neurological Institute

The connected brain: modeling dynamic biological processes in large-scale brain networks
11:00 – 11:30
The human brain is a complex network of structurally interconnected neuronal populations whose organization fundamentally shapes both normal information flow and pathological processes. Healthy signaling among neurons supports adaptive behaviour, while perturbations, such as pathogenic proteins or stimulation-induced activity, often spread from their source location via axonal projections. The goal of our research program is to provide a theoretically-grounded understanding of how the organization of brain networks shapes dynamic biological processes. I will present work that integrates network science and brain imaging to investigate neural signaling, neurodegenerative spread and the effects of brain stimulation.

Schedule Overview

11:00am – 11:30am Invited Talk: Dr. Bratislav Misic
The connected brain: modeling dynamic biological processes in large-scale brain networks
11:30am – 2:00pm Student Poster Session
Lunch to be served during poster session
2:00pm Poster Awards

Student Presenters

Presenter Project Title Supervisor
Alex Wong Investigating Trust Factors in Human-Robot Shared Control Greg Dudek
Lee Meluban Targeting Matrix Metalloproteinases for treatment of neuropathic pain using passive and active immunization strategies Arkady Khoutorsky
Ariana Turk Alpha-Synuclein in the GFAP-HMOX1 Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease -Toxicity, Aggregation, Propagation Dr. Hyman Schipper
Alison Amsden Exploring metacognitive processing across lower- and higher-order representations Amir Raz
Zach Savelson Cognitive Effort and Decision-Making Dr Ross Otto
Christina Popescu Evaluation of the effects of adolescence experiences on the expression of DCC in dopamine neurons Dr. Cecilia Flores
Myles Loparco Pupillometry: A Psychophysiological Measure of Cognitive Effort Dr Ross Otto
Michelle Li Acquisition of Categorical Perception of Mandarin Tone Dr. Stevan Harnad
Olivia Silva Person-oriented research ethics for studies involving participants with dementia Dr. Eric Racine, Dr. Ariel Cascio
Jasmine Lee Neural Processing of Phonetic Cues by Monolingual English Speakers Dr. Shari Baum
Nick Ferranti How do bilinguals visually encode linguistic landscapes?  Monitoring eye movement behavior for constructed mixed-language signs. Dr. Debra Titone
Madison Boriskin The Categorization of Environmental Sounds.  Catherine Guastavino
Izzy Orfi Effect of testosterone-cortisol ratio on amgydalar volume, cortical thickness, and cortico-amygdalar structural covariance Tuong-vi Nguyen
Julia Milosz Early Experiences of Parental Bonding, Methylation, and Empathy in Mothers Phyllis Zelkowitz
Tristan Macelis Does injury impact brain growth in asphyxiated newborns? Pia Wintermark
Julia Nayar Do You See What I See? An Investigation of Saliency and Prototypical Brain Patterns Dr. Reza Farivar
General Chair: Thomas Shultz
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