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JHELP 0.1.2 (updated: 08/06/2010)
Jhelp collection of miscellaneous libraries.

EVANESCENT 0.4 (updated: 08/06/2010)
Evanescent machine idle detection and shutdown tool.

AQUILINE 0.0.1 (updated: 08/04/2010)
Aquiline bundled package including gterminal, gportal and friends.

BASH-TUTOR 0.2.2 (updated: 30/03/2010)
Bash-tutor interactive live bash tutorial script with style.

OMWOL 0.1 (updated: 19/03/2010)
Omwol omapi wake on lan from hostname tool.

GTERMINAL R48 (updated: 08/09/2009)
Gterminal pluggable gobject-io readline magic terminal like interface.

FETTLE (coming soon)
Fettle network configuration and management tool.

FREE (coming soon)
Free giveaway, inventory and loan management tool.

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