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MSc Student,  2004 - present
School of Computer Science
McGill University
3480 University Street
McConnell Engineering Building,  Room 225
Montréal, QC   H3A 2A7
Tel.: (514) 398-xxxx

BS in Computer Science, 1997 - 2001

National University of  Computer and Emerging Sciences
Lahore, Pakistan
Received Agha Hassan Abedi Gold Medal

Research interests
Software engineering, object-oriented and aspect-oriented software development, component-based development, software evolution and maintenance, program understanding, compiler construction, static analysis.

I'm affiliated with Software Engineering Research Group and Software Evolution and Verification Lab.

MS Project 
NaCIN – An Eclipse Plug-In for Program Navigation-based Concern Inference, ETX Workshop, OOPSLA 2005
NaCIN, an Eclipse plug-in records a developer’s code navigation activity and produces sets of elements potentially implementing different concerns relevant to the current task. It performs an analysis of the navigation paths and structural dependencies of the recorded elements and clusters the results in groups potentially associated with high level concepts. NaCIN partially automates the process of relating source code with high-level abstractions and enables knowledge about the implementation of different concerns to be reused in future investigations.

NaCIN paper         NaCIN plug-in download

Software Engineering
Programming Languages and Compilers Diverse
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Software Fault Tolerance
  • Software Evolution
  • Compiler Construction
  • Optimizing Compilers
  • Concurrent Programming Languages
  • Language based Security

Teaching Assistant 
  • Programming Techniques, McGill University, Fall 2005
  • Programming Techniques,  McGill University, Winter 2005
  • Compiler Construction,  NUCES, Spring 2001
  • Object Oriented Programming,  NUCES, Fall 1999

  • System Analyst Programmer, ESP Global IT Systems, Lahore, Pakistan 2002 2004
  • System Analyst Programmer, ABN AMRO Global IT Systems, Lahore, Pakistan 2000 2002