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Some interesting articles I wrote in my college days.




A Modeling of Mappings Between Physical and Non-Physical Terms in Identity Theory, Functionalism and Eliminative Materialism




In the discussion of mind-body problem, materialism is in the position that there is one kind of substance and it is material substance. Typically, Identity Theory, Functionalism and Eliminative Materialism are in this position. This article looks at different solutions to the problem. It also discusses how each of these theories deals with physical and non-physical terms and proposes a modeling in the mapping of the two.



A Rod-Numeral-Based Algebraic System: Tianyuan Shu




In the 13th-century China, Tianyuan Shu (天元术) was used as a system of algebra by certain famous Chinese mathematicians, Li Zhi(李治) (later Li Ye, i.e., 李冶), Zhu Shijie(朱世杰) and their emulators. Tianyuan} (天元), which means “celestial elements” in Chinese, denotes the unknown variables, while Shu () means a technique.  Tianyuan Shu is not a written system but instead based on instruments called counting rods. This article presents the generation and development of Tianyuan Shu, and also discusses its cultural and historical impact.