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SOCS Inside-Out: The Definitive Survival Guide

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SOCS Culture
- Jacob Eliosoff, Christina Swindells, Jeremy Tan, Rachel Potvin, Barak Salvador Queija, Victor Lee, Vincent Stephen-Ong

It's difficult to precisely categorize the material in this section. There are some ruminations on SOCS life, some mindless rantings, some humours anecdotes, and some useful bits of information.

Needless to say, although you won't find these markers explicitly present in the text, much of it can be labelled with: * advice *

Student Body- Jacob Eliosoff
A little something about the state of the SOCS student body.

CSUS- Barak Salvador Queija
The Computer Science Undergraduate Society- what they do, who they are, and how to get involved.

ACM- Rachel Potvin
A few words from the president of ACM to describe what they do, as well as a few upcoming events.

Flaming as Art- Jacob Eliosoff
An anecdote about newsgroup flaming.

10 Reasons the 3151s Are Better Than the Pentiums- Jacob Eliosoff

Avoiding RSI- Jacob Eliosoff
A short note on repetitive strain injury (and how to avoid it).

Internships- Christina Swindells
A Q&A session with a former internship student who hopes to answer all the questions that you might have on the subject of internships.

Why Things Suck And Why You Suck Too- Jeremy Tan
I'm not even going to try to explain this one.

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